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BD FACS Canto II Flow Cytometry system

  • 6-color 2-laser system (488 633 nm)
  • Fully integrated fluidics cart
  • BD FACSDiva™ software
  • BD FACSCanto clinical software
  • Variety of options
Product Description

The BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometry system delivers flow cytometry data on an efficient user friendly platform. Its flexible modular design offers automation and up to eight-color capacity for rapid and easy production of high-quality data in clinical and research laboratories.

The Standard System offers 6-color 2-laser system (488 633 nm) a fully integrated fluidics cart. The BD FACSCanto comes with BD FACSCanto clinical software and BD FACSDiva™ software.

System Options include 8-color 3-laser system (405 488 633 nm) 8-color 2-laser system (488 633 nm) a 2D barcode reader option a choice of two automated sample loading systems with integrated covers for operator safety There are also options for BD FACS Loader with 40-tube capacity (also includes single-tube loading) and BD High Throughput Sampler for 96- additional options include 384-well microtiter plate capacity

BD FACS Canto II Flow Cytometry system Specifications

Cytometer 24 x 36 x 25 inch
Fluidic cart 24 x 31 x 25 inch
Cytometer Depth Increase 30 inch
Operating Enviroment 16-30 C 20-80% non condensing
Heat Dissipation 1843 BTU/hr
Lasers Air Cooled
Optical Alignment Fixed
Flow Cell 180 x 430 um
FSC Resolution 1.0 um
SSC 0.5 um
Carry Over Less than 0.1%
Sample Injection Directly into flow cel
Sample Flow Rate Min 10 uL/min
Sample Flow Rate Max 120 uL/min

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