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Awareness Technologies ChemWell 2902 Chemistry Analyzer

  • Probe wash cup cleans inside and out
  • Temperature controlled liquid-surface sensing probe tip
  • Built-in incubator and mixer
  • Safety shields
  • Consumes a low volume of DI water
  • Intuitive interface

Product Description

The Awareness Technology ChemWell® 2902 Automated Chemistry Analyzer is designed for running general chemistries in standard microwells. A completely open system, the ChemWell® 2902 sets up assays, performs routine jobs, quality control, and even index calculations to suit the needs of modern laboratories.

The dependable ChemWell® 2902 operates with precise pipetting of low volume specimens, elimination of carryover, and careful control of temperature. The automated analyzer can also make pre-dilutions, which is hardly necessary since reliable results and precise kinetic reactions are achieved even with a 2uL sample. This Awareness Technology analyzer can also process chemistries at ambient temperature (37°C). The probe, with a liquid sensing probe tip, is temperature controlled to deliver 37°C reagents.

The ChemWell® 2902 analyzer automatically makes dilutions, dispense reagents, incubate, wash, read, and prepare final reports. The unit can be used as either a batch analyzer or a continuous loading random-access analyzer for performing clinical biochemistry tests.

Additionally, the intuitive new interface of the ChemWell® 2902 chemistry analyzer gives the user simplistic operations for assay programming and modifying report formats with its “drag and drop” positioning.

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Awareness Technologies ChemWell 2902 Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

Typical throughput up to 200 endpoint reactions per hour, up to 170 kinetic reactions per hour
Dimensions 34" (86cm) left to right, 16" (40 cm) height, 20" (51 cm) front-to-back
Capabilities Dilution, pre-dilution, dispensing single or multiple reagents
Probes 316 stainless steel for maximum reagent compatibility, level sensing
Maximum number of specimens 96
Maximum number of reagents Typically 27 to 44 or more (you can program reagents to go in the
sample rack; assorted replaceable racks and custom designed racks
are available for various bottle sizes)
Standard reagent rack 27
Reaction Vessel Standard micro wells, strips or plates
Instrument bottles 1L priming bottle
Thermal control Well, probe, and tubing; ambient or 37C (other options also available)
Cooling control RCA, Reagent Cooling Accessory optional) cools 12 to 15C below ambient
through peltier thermoelectric modules connected to an external controller
Optical design Reads absorbance in 4 simultaneous channels, NIST traceable calibration
user selected monochromatic or biochromatic results 8 position filter wheels:
340, 405, 450, 505, 545, 600, 630, 700 or custom
Interference filters Long life, hard coat, ion assisted deposition, 10nm typical half bandpass
Linear Range -0.2 to 3.0A
Photometer Accuracy +/- 1% or better
Certifications NRTL Listed, CE Marked

Awareness Technology Awareness Technology WS-CWELL2902