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Alfa Wassermann ACE Chemistry Analyzer System

  • On-board refrigeration system
  • Capable of single or panel testing procedures
  • Offers a wide range of test menus
  • Equipped with Sample Tube Entry Port (STEP) module
  • Hassle-free reagent tracking and management
  • Automated repeat and dilution of specimens

Product Description

The Alfa ACE® Clinical Chemistry System delivers quality performance. As a result of exceptional research efforts, this powerful bench-top analyzer can skilfully answer the dynamic needs of a physician’s office-laboratory. ACE® systems are packed with various time, labour and maintenance saving features that ensure productivity in any laboratory set-up.

The ACE® Chemistry System integrates a number of features including a large on-board capacity and the capability to automatically read sample specifications from a unique dot code label. Each unit is also pre-loaded with definitions for various manufacturer-validated tests. Users can enhance the flexibility of this versatile model by manually adding data parameters to the instrument.

The ACE® system produces precise numeric test values in every use, even for outputs that fall beyond the normal ranges. Innovative features and accurate results ensure that ACE® models contribute to the profitability of office-laboratories.

Common applications of the Alfa Wasserman ACE Chemistry System include routine chemistry assays, enzyme assays, electrolyte assays, liquid assays, thyroid assays, and therapeutic drug assays.

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Alfa Wassermann ACE Chemistry Analyzer System Specifications

Electrical Requirements
Current, Maximum 6 Amps
Frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Voltage 102/ 132 Vac
Environmental Requirements
Ambient Humidity 20% - 80% RH
Ambient Temperature 15˚C – 32˚C (during operation)
Physical Dimensions
D x H x W 22.5 in X 15.75 in X 27.25 in
Weight 120 lbs

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