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Agilent HP 5973 Mass Spectrometer

  • Selected Ion Monitoring mode
  • Monitor up to 30 masses in SIM mode
  • Store a maximum of 50 data groups with 30 entries each
  • High-energy dynode (HED) electron multiplier detector
  • Equipped with Rotary vane foreline pump

Product Description

The HP Agilent 5973 is a high performing mass selective detector that offers unmatched reliability for every use. This stand-alone capillary detector was specifically designed to be used with the HP 6890 Gas Chromatograph series. The HP 5973 MSD system gives operators full control through a data system that features Hewlett-Packard MSD compatible data analysis software.

Increase productivity with the following MSD features:

  • Either a 90 L/sec vapor-diffusion or a 250 L/sec turbomolecular high vacuum pump
  • Independently heated electron-ionization ion source
  • Independently heated hyperbolic quadrupole mass filter
  • Independently heated GC/MSD interface
  • Power supplies and instrument control electronics

The compatible data analysis software works best with PCs that run on Microsoft® Windows XP Professional operating system. This software can be purchased as a single instrument basic data analysis software. Each version includes data acquisition, instrument control, data analysis, automation and customization features.

Applications integrated into the software allow for the configuration and customization of the instruments including the HP 5973 and other MSDs. Tuning programs are responsible for voltage regulation in the ion source, calibration of mass assignments and scanning of the control analyzer.

Applications for data acquisition allow users to keep an eye on the total ion chromatogram (TIC). The mass spectra of GC peaks can be stored automatically by using the same type of program, specifically by using the scan mode. The selected ion monitoring (SIM) SIM mode allows selective monitoring of particular ions. Data analysis programs permit integration of chromatograms in TIC or SIM as well as the viewing and manipulation of mass spectral data. Users can compare obtained spectra to reference spectra databases in a library search. Users can also quantify data and generate reports with information-analyzing applications.

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Agilent HP 5973 Mass Spectrometer Specifications

Mass Spectrometer
Mode (standard) EI
Modes (optional) PCI, NCI EI with CI source
Ion source type 5 - 241.5 eV
Ionization energy 0 - 315 uA
Ionization current 100 - 350 'C
Transfer line temperature 150 - 300 'C
Quadrupole temperature 150 - 200 'C
Mass filter Monolithic hyperbolic quadrupole
Mass filter protection Entrance lens
Mass range 1.6 - 800 amu
Mass resolution Unit mass adjustable by tune
Mass axis stability Beter than 0.10 amu/ 48 h
Detector EM with replacement horn
Dynamic range (electronic) 10e6
Scan rate (electronic) 10,000 amu/s
Write-to-disk 8,000 amu/s
SIM 30 ions x 50 groups
Pumping system Turbomolecular pump
Total flow 2 mL/min (standard turbo)
4 mL/min (performance turbo)
Instrument control Data system and local user interface
Maintenance access Source, filaments, lenses, mass filter, and detector on removable plate
Maintenance scheduling Early maintenance feedback
Gas Chromatograph
Automatic injector (optional) Automatic alignment, fast injection
Liner replacement Compatible with optional flip-top inlet sealing system
Injector Split-splitless (standard), others available
Oven temperature Ambient +4 - 450 'C
Oven ramps / plateaus 6-7
Carrier gases Helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon
Electronic pnuematic control Auto pressure regulation for split/splitless, septum purge
Carrier gas control modes Constant pressure and flow modes; pressure and flow programmable
Pressure range 0 - 100 psi (standard), 0 - 150 psi (optional) with 0.01 psi resolution, pressure and temperature corrected
Retention-time locking RTL ready
Flow control Compatible with optional microfluidics controller
Data System
Simultaneous MS and GC Four signals (up to 2 MS) detector data acquisitions
Ionization mode autotunes EI, PCI, NCI
Application autotunes BFB, DFTPP
Quantitation setup Automated
Application reports Environmental, drugs of abuse, aromatics in gasoline
File import/export Sequence file/quant and custom report
Customization Customization
Security Password and audit trail
Spectral libraries (optional) NIST, Wiley, Pfleger-Mauer Drug, Stan pesticide
Spectral and RTL databases (optional) Pesticides and endocrine distrupters, volatiles, PCBs, toxicology, FAMEs, flavors, organotin compounds
21CFR11 Compliance Optional software available
Other capabilities (optional Deconvolution linked with RTL database
Support life Ten-year use guarantee
Physical (EI system with standard turbo)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 88 cm x 56 cm x 50 cm
Weight 88 kg

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