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Agilent HP 5970 Mass Spectrometer

  • Can monitor up to 20 individually selected masses at a time
  • User-selectable dwell time
  • Eight user-selected scan rates
  • Continuous dynode electron multiplier

Product Description

The HP Agilent 5970 Mass Spectrometer is a standalone capillary detector meant to be used with various Gas Chromatographs (GCs). This compact and portable system operates on 120 volt power with no need for cooling water or compressed air. Power supply for the HP 5970 mass selective detector (MSD)’s continuous dynode electron multiplier is computer controlled and has a maximum voltage of 3000.

These detectors are equipped with numerous features that produce better results. One of which is mass selection using the scanning mode. HP 5970 MSDs can scan any mass ranging from 10 and 800 amu in 0.1 amu steps. Time programming permits an operator to choose up to three ranges or up to 10 groups of 20 masses for each run. The automatically established unit resolution throughout the mass range under computer control is another beneficial feature of the Agilent 5970 mass spectrometer detector.

Software on data systems are equipped with programs that can calibrate mass alignment, control of the mass analyzer scanning and automatically adjust voltages in the ion source. Operators can monitor the total ion current as well as several ions under the selected monitoring mode using data acquisition programs. These data gathering tools also allow automatic storing of the GC mass spectra as peaks elute. Data editing programs are used in tabulating spectra, searching spectra libraries and plotting the mass spectra.

The Hewlett-Packard Agilent 5970 MSD mainframe includes:

  • GC interface
  • Electron impact ion source
  • Hyperbolic quadruple mass filter
  • Electron multiplier detector
  • Power supply
  • Drive electronics
  • Analyzer vacuum system

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Agilent HP 5970 Mass Spectrometer Specifications

Mass selection Scanning mode: Scans any mass range between 10 and 800 amu in 0.1 amu steps. Up to three ranges may be selected using time programming.
Resolution Unit resolution throughout mass range established automatically under computer control
Scan speed Eight user-selected scan rates with a maximum of 1500 amu/second with 0.1 amu mass resolution
Sensitivity Typical performance for 1 ng of methyl stearate yields a signal-to-noise ratio of better than 20:1 at m/z 298.3 when scanned at 380 amu/second between m/z 290 and 310
Selected Mode Monitors up to 20 individually selected masses at one time. Up to 10 groups of 20 masses may be selected for each run using time programming.
Dwell time User-selectable from a minimum of 10 milliseconds per m/z value up to a maximum of 327.57 milliseconds
Detector Continuous dynode electron multiplier. Power supply to the multiplier is computer controlled. Maximum voltage is 3000v

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