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Agilent 8453 Diode Array Spectrophotometers

  • UV-Vis spectral acquisition and analysis in less than 1 second
  • Stable optics, low noise electronics, no moving parts
  • Simple operation via application software
  • Pre-aligned deuterium and tungsten lamps exchanged easily
  • Self-test and revisions built into the software/firmware
Product Description

The Agilent 8453 Spectrophotometer is an essential component in UV-Visible systems. Routine and occasional users can take advantage of the diode-array features including fast scanning, excellent sensitivity, and virtually absolute wavelength reproducibility.

Featuring exceptional ruggedness and reliability, this Agilent spectrophotometer is easy to use with a line power indicator, a status indicator and other push buttons. This equipment uses a photodiode array (PDA) which highly reliable. Simultaneous measurements of the complete light spectrum take less than a second using this array. Effective data analysis and archival with the use of data analysis software software ensures compliance with good laboratory practices (GLP) and pharmacopoeia requirements.

Offering minimum maintenance and an open sample area, the Agilent 8453 Diode Array Spectrophotometer has excellent optical performance. Unlike conventional instruments, the Agilent 8453 is not weighed down by ambient stray light.

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Agilent 8453 Diode Array Spectrophotometers Specifications

Wavelength range 190 – 1100 nm
EP resolution test > 1.6 spectrum of a 0.02% v/v solution oftoluene in hexane, ratio abs. at
Stray light < 0.03 % at 340 nm (NaNO2, ASTM)
< 0.05% at 220 nm (NaI, ASTM)
< 1% at 200 nm (KCl, EP)
Wavelength accuracy < ±0.5 nm (NIST 2034)*
  < ±0.2 nm at 486.0 and 656.1nm
Wavelength reproducibility < ±0.02 nm ten consecutive scans (NIST 2034)
Photometric accuracy < ±0.005 A at 1 A (NIST 930e)
Photometric noise < 0.0002 A sixty 0.5-s scans at 0 A, 500 nm, rms
Photometric stability < 0.001 A/h at 0 A, 340 nm, after 1-hour warm-up, measured over 1 hour, every 5 seconds, constant ambient temperature
Baseline flatness < 0.001 A 0.5-second blank, 0.5-second scan, rms
Typical scan time 1.5 second full range
Slit width 1nm

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