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Advia 120 Automated Hematology Analyzer

  • Automated capabilities
  • Comprehensive testing parameters
  • Flexible sample handling
  • Customer-designed user interface with multi-tasking
  • Compact benchtop design

Product Description

The Siemens Advia 120, formerly called the bioMerieux Advia 120 is an automated hematology analyzer in a compact benchtop design. The system offers comprehensive testing parameters, flexible sample handling, and customer-designed user interface with multi-tasking capability. The Advia 120 system also has extensive linearity range, sensitive and specific result flagging, and cross-checking WBC technologies. Capable of dual hemoglobin readings, this analyzer minimizes review rates and repeats.

The Advia 120 hematology analyzer offers a unique portfolio of diagnostic assays and gold standard flow cytometry testing. This bioMerieux hematology analyser satisfies the demands of laboratories through its comprehensive parameters for anemia support disease management. With the CHr assay's snapshot assessment, the Advia 120 shortens diagnosis time and contributes to optimization of EPO and iron therapy.

Together with the Advia 120 analyzer, hematology workflow is automated without the need for large track-based systems or reflexive testing. The system also maximizes efficiency through user-defined screen configurations and reports, and simplifies maintenance with Unifluidics. For higher productivity, the Siemens Advia 120 hematology analyzer provides a 150-capacity rack-based autosampler, allowing 75 minutes of true walk-away time.

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Advia 120 Automated Hematology Analyzer Specifications

WBC 0.02 to 400 x 103/uL
RBC 0.0 to 7.0 x 106/uL
PLT 5.0 to 3500 x 103/uL
HB 0.0 to 22.5 g/dL
Retic 0.2 to 24.5%


Differential (absolute and %) NEUT, LYMPH, MONO, EOS, BASO, LUC (Large Unstained Cells)
Platelet PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT
Reticulocyte % and # RETIC, MCVr, CHCMr, RDWr**, HDWr**, CHr, CHDWr**
CSF assay optional


Morphology Results (user-definable)
WBC Left Shift, Atypical Lymph, Blasts, BL-ABN, Immature Granulocytes, Myeloperoxidase Deficiency
RBC NRBC, ANISO, MICRO, MACRO, HC VAR, HYPO, HYPER, RBC Fragments, RBC Ghosts, Platelet Clumps, Large Platelets


Test Selectivity / Throughput
CBC 120 Samples/hr
CBC/DIFF 120 Samples/hr
CBC/DIFF 74 Samples/hr
CBC/Retic 74 Samples/hr
Retic 74 Samples/hr


Electrical Power Dedicated Line
Requirements Voltage Selectable for Single-Phase: 100 VAC (6 AMPS) ? 240 VAC (3 AMPS) Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Temperature Requirements Operating: 18

Siemens Siemens WS-ADVIA120