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Abbott TDx FLx Immunology Analyzer

  • Performs tests in three modes
  • Batch-Pack Adapter for batch reagent packs
  • 1 to 8 different assays with up to 20 samples

Product Description

The Abbott TDx FLx® Immunology Analyzer continues be one of the best options in the dynamic field of therapeutic drug monitoring. The Abbott analyzer is designed to perform tests in three modes: random access, batch, and unit dose, and performs 1 to 8 different assays with up to 20 samples which can be done on a single carousel run. Assay testing is conducted in batch mode operation, enabled by the TDx FLx® Batch-Pack Adapter which is a platform that holds the batch reagent pack.

Operations on TDx FLx® analyzer are carried out using fluorescence polarization technology. The TDx FLx® system follows a competitive binding immunoassay methodology, and prints out calculations of drug or hormone concentrations (in unknown samples) in reportable units. Calculations are done using the stored calibration curve.

This Abbott TDx FLx® analyzer system also employs the use of radiative energy attenuation (REA®) technology to achieve seamless performance clinical chemistry assays. Endpoint nephelometry technology is also used to perform Turbo® Specific Protein assays.

The automated system of the Abbott TDx FLx® Immunology Analyzer can perform a variety of laboratory tests including therapeutic drug assays, toxicology/abused drugs, metabolic, hormones, clinical chemistries, specific proteins, fertility/pregnancy, and metabolic. The TDxFLx® analyzer has consistently provided laboratory technicians with enhanced efficiency when performing tests on endocrine function, hormones, toxicology, abused drugs, and immunosuppressants.

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Abbott TDx FLx Immunology Analyzer Specifications

General Characteristics
Capacity Sample Carousel: 1 to 20 samples
Reagent Carousel: 1 to 8 TDxFLx®
wedge reagent packs
Sample Volume 50 to 500 µL
Carryover < 1.5% at concentrations ≥ the highest calibrator, unless otherwise specified
Intensity/ Stability Better than 0.1% over the duration of an assay
Polarization Range 0 to 500 mP
Size 24” D x 28” W x 15” H
(60 cm D x 70 cm W x 37.5 cm H)
Weight 107 lbs (49 kg) maximum
Power Specifications
Voltage 100 (+10%, - 5%)
120, 220, or 240 VAC (+10%, -15%)
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Power Requirements 600 V-A
Fusing 100/120 VAC: 6.25 Amps T (SLO-BLO),
250 VAC 220/240 VAC: 3 Amps T (SLO-BLO),
250 VAC
Power Connection 3-prong grounded outlet (U.S.)
IEC Equipment Classification Class I, Type B, Ordinary Equipment, Continuous Operation
Environmental Requirements
Room Temprature 15˚ to 30˚C (59˚ to 86˚F)
Humidity 15% to 85% humidity

Flat, level surface No direct sunlight or drafts Removed from sources ofdirect heat
and moisture Ventilation space at least 6” on top, sides, and back

Optical Characteristics
Light Source Tungsten halogen lamp, 50 watts, 8 volts
Detector Photomultiplier tube
Excitation Peak 485 nm
Excitation Bandwidth 8 nm
Emission Band 525 to 550nm

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