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Abbott Cell-Dyn 3500 Hematology Analyzer

  • Advanced data management and simplified data interpretation
  • Quick, accurate results and differential screening
  • Small sample requirements, low maintenance, and high reliability
  • Color screens with color printouts
  • Improved detection capabilities

Product Description

The Abbott Cell Dyn 3500 automated hematology analyzer employs dual technologies to provide the basis for a five-part WBC differential. Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (M.A.P.S.S.) provides the primary white blood cell count, all differential information, and reticulocyte analysis, while the impedence feature provides additional information in the presence of fragile lymphocytes and hypotonically resistant red blood cells.

The Cell Dyn 3500 hematology analyzer features extended WBC and PLT linearity, RBC and indices corrected for WBC count. The Cell Dyn 3500 also features an automatic start-up cycle designed to prime the flow system and check the background counts. This Abbott analyzer automatically performs a shut-down cycle and places itself in a standby mode. It offers both open and closed sampling options on two instrument versions.

A patient report can be customized to include the following information: patient identification, 22 parameters and limit sets, color cytograms, color histograms, and manual differential transcription area on a color printout. The 540 MB hard drive provides for on-board storage of 10,000 patient reports. The multi-tasking system permits data editing while samples are being processed.

For rapid and accurate results, as well as easy operation, the Abbott Cell Dyn 3500 Hematology Analyzer is one of the best options in the market today.

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Abbott Cell-Dyn 3500 Hematology Analyzer Specifications

Measurement Parameters WBC, NEU#, NEU%, LYM#, LYM%, MONO#, MONO%,
Power Input Supply 90-130 VAC, 50/60 Hz 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Temperature 25C +/- 10C
Relative Humidity 45% to 85% RHNC

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