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Abbott Cell-Dyn 3200 Flow Cytometer

  • Two-dimensional laser platelet and red cell analysis
  • 3-D MCV measurement ensures accurate RBC analysis
  • Five-part leukocyte differential
  • 71 samples per hour
  • Available as a single-tube closed sampling system or 50-position sample loader
  • Resistant RBC mode minimizes interference
  • Single-tube closed sampler with bar-code reader
  • Full data management with data storage for 10,000 specimens with graphics
  • Single-step dilution reticulocyte procedure

Product Description

The CELL-DYN 3200 is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories. The analyzer incorporates high-resolution flow cytometry with Multi-Angle Polarized Scatter Separation (MAPSS).

Using optical light scatter for WBC, RBC, PLT and Reticulocyte analysis, the CELL-DYN 3200 meets the needs of today’s medium volume laboratories. The instrument offers simple operation, accurate 5 part WBC differential analysis, automated sample handling and reliability. The system combines MAPSS (Multi-Angle, Polarized Scatter Separation) technology with flow cytometry to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision.

The CELL-DYN 3200 sets a new benchmark for innovative, compact design. MAPSS technology assures the highest level of result accuracy and precision. The CELL-DYN 3200 is a contemporary vision of hematology automation for today's laboratory.

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