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Gas Chromatographs arrow SRI 8610C Gas Chromatograph (GC) Environmental and BTEX GC System

SRI 8610C Gas Chromatograph (GC) Environmental and BTEX GC System

SRI 8610C Gas Chromatograph (GC) Environmental and BTEX GC System

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  • PID Detector
  • FID/DELCD Combination Detector
  • Built-in "whisper quiet" Air Compressor
  • Built-in Method 5030 or 5030/5035 compliant Purge & Trap
  • 4 channel PeakSimple Data System
  • 60-meter Capillary Column
  • ...on the compact 8610C chassis
Product Description

The SRI Environmental GC is equipped with everything you need to generate certification quality data for EPA Methods 8010 8015 8021 and others. It is configured on the 8610C chassis and includes a built-in Method 5030 or 5030/5035 compliant Purge & Trap for concentration of liquid and/or soil samples. Also included is an on-column injector for direct liquid injections. To detect commonly targeted pollutants the Environmental GC uses a sensitive non-destructive PID detector in series with a combination FID/DELCD detector. The PID detector responds to compounds whose ionization potential is below 10.6eV including aromatics and chlorinated molecules with double carbon bonds.

The FID detector responds to the hydrocarbons in the sample. The DELCD selectively detects the chlorinated and brominated compounds in the FID exhaust. Since the sample is pre-combusted in the FID flame the DELCD is protected from contamination due to hydrocarbon overload. The PID is blind to certain compounds which can cause interference such as methanol and is recommended by the EPA. Peaks on the FID chromatogram that are obscured by the methanol peak are visible on the PID chromatogram. Benzene and carbon tetrachloride are common target analytes which co-elute. The FID responds to both. The PID responds only to benzene while the DELCD responds only to carbon tetrachloride. The BTEX GC is the same as the Environmental GC without the DELCD detector. Both systems have a “whisper quiet” internal air compressor and can be used with an H2-50 hydrogen generator for tankless field operation.

For laboratory or mobile field testing where space and versatility are critical choose the Environmental GC system. Equipped with Method 5030 or 5030/5035 compliant Purge & Trap PID and FID/DELCD detectors it will easily generate certification quality data for EPA Methods 8021 8010 8015 TO-14 and many others.

With the optional Thermal Desorber you can quickly screen soil or other solid matrices for pesticides PCBs diesel and other semi-volatiles. The standard On-column injection port allows for syringe injection and a second injector may be installed if desired.  For users who do not need the chlorine/bromine selective DELCD detector the same configuration minus the DELCD is available as the BTEX GC.

These three chromatograms displayed in PeakSimple are fom an analysis of Method 8021 standard + gases on an SRI Environmental GC system. Peak identities can be confirmed by comparing the results from the three different detectors. Peaks which often co-elute such as benzene and carbon tetrachloride can still be measured since the PID responds only to the benzene while the DELCD only responds to the carbon tetrachloride.



 SRI 8160 Gas Chromatograph  Environmental and BTEX GC Systems Specifications

Width 19 inch
Height 13.5 inch
Depth 14.5 inch
Temp range 25 to 400°C
Temp control programmable up to 15 ramp and dwell times
Stability ±0.1°C
Heating rate 50°C per minute to 300°C; 20°C per minute from 300 to 400°C
Cooling rate 300 to 50°C in 5 minutes
Gas flow control electronic pressure control
Power 115V 50/60 Hz