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Microm DS-50 Slide Stainer

Microm DS-50 Slide Stainer

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  • Economical
  • Easy to use
  • Total capacity of up to 70 slides
  • 20 Programs with up to 50 steps each
  • Closed fume hood with advanced exhaust cleaning system
Product Description

The Microm DS 50 Slide Stainer is an economical easy-to-use slide stainer for routine histology and cytology applications. Total capacity of up to 70 slides 16 reagent troughs one rinsing station 20 programs with up to 50 steps each. Linear system with operator choice of reagent location. Easy operation logical menu programming or editing of parameters. The closed fume hood and an advanced exhaust fume cleaning system via large activated charcoal filters prevent exposure to hazardous fumes. Easy loading and unloading of specimens from the front without opening the entire hood. DS 50 is double sided with 20 small reagent vessels (50 slides per rack).

Microm DS 50 Slide Stainer Fluid Data Specifications

Input Line Pressure
10-100 psia
Flow-Through Rate
Factory set via regulator Approx. 1L/min.
Recirculation Rate
Approximately 3.5L/min.
Water -In Line
3/8 in. reinforced flexible tubing to fit standard laboratory water tap
Drain Line
1/2 in. flexible tubing
Wash Tank Capacity
Approximately 1.750 mL
Electrical Power
115VAC nominal (105?128) 50/60 Hz220-240 VAC nominal
Power Consumption
3.6A peak
4A circuit breaker on ON/OFF switch

Microm Microm WS-MICROM50