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Hirayama HVE-50 Autoclave

Hirayama HVE-50 Autoclave

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  • Space saving design
  • Agar sterilization mode amd Agar melting mode
  • Dual-sensing lid interlock
  • One touch lever
  • In process display
  • Door closure senor
  • l
Product Description

Hirayama's HVE-50 Autoclave top-loading autoclaves are labeled and distributed for research use only. They are fully automatic- stand-alone- microprocessor-controlled- programmable systems. All models incorporate a built-in steam generator and plug into a standard 120VAC (or 220VAC) power outlet- thereby eliminating costly set-up charges.

Water for steam generation is poured directly into the chamber. After sterilization- steam is vented automatically into a plastic bottle in front of the autoclave.

Key Features of the Hirayama HVE-50 Autoclave

The HVE-50 space-saving design with lid opening upward. The Dual-sensing lid interlock prevents lid opening when chamber is pressurized or when temperature exceeds 97C. The One-touch lever feature allows easily open and close for the chamber lid. A Door-closure sensor provides a prompt and the cycle will not start unless the door is closed properly.

Agar sterilization mode is available for sterilizing agar and then automatically maintaining it at liquid temperature. Agar melting mode for melting agar and maintaining it at liquid temperature- or for a hot- faster start-up. In-process display shows the status and the progress of sterilization cycle. HVE-50 size: 50 liters- 11.8" diameter- 28.0" height.

Hirayama Hirayama HVE50