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ACS 180 Plus Automated Chemiluminescence System

ACS 180 Plus Automated Chemiluminescence System

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  • Provides alerts for clot detection
  • Self-clearing
  • Extended operation module
  • Fully automated daily maintenance
  • Automated and accurate identification through barcoding
  • Patient-oriented random access operation
  • Reduces turnaround time

Product Description

The Siemens Bayer ACS 180 Plus Automated Chemiluminescence System is unparalleled in delivering accurate tests results for clinical laboratories. Highly effective at dilutions, this Bayer chemistry analyzer system can aspirate and dispense samples, separate solids and liquid wastes, and measure photon emotions. Other functions include adding reagents, incubating reaction vessels, and managing data, specifically collecting and maintaining patient demographics and results, and performing data reduction.

The expanded user diagnostic capability lets the user troubleshoot the sample and reagent probes, vacuum system, and the barcode scanners. Users can also set dilution criteria for individual tests on each sample. A dilution ratio of 1:200 is possible on this Bayer system. Other highlights of the ACS 180 Plus system include clot alert, adjustable audible alarm, automatic scanning of reagents and samples, online information, advanced calibration, and quality control.

Equipped with the Extended Operation Module, the Bayer ACS 180 Plus System can operate continuously without the need to stop to add water. Offering fully automated daily maintenance, this chemiluminescence system also has barcoding features for automatic and accurate identification of samples, reagents, calibrators and quality control material.

The Siemens Bayer ACS 180 Plus Automated Chemiluminescence System performs a combination of tests on a single sample within minutes to greatly reduce turnaround time. Designed for ease of use and rapid processing, this analyzer system is a top-notch option for clinical laboratories everywhere.

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ACS 180 Plus



H x W x D

61 x 149 x 59 (cm)
24 x 59  x 23 (in)


160kg (350 lb)

Thermal Control

37C +/- 0.5 C



Voltage Requirements

100 – 120 V 50/60 Hz
220 – 240 V 50/60 Hz


Ambient operating temperature from 18 – 30C Humidity 20 – 80% (noncondensing)

Microprocessor (CPU)

Multiple, high integration, 16-bit microprocessors
40 MB hard disk drive
3.5” double-sided, high-density, 1.44 MB floppy diskette drive facilities software updates and archiving data

Bayer Bayer WS-ACS180CHEM